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Midwest Programs

"Midwest serves our clients with a singular focus - to aid in the creation of generational wealth for our investors and their progeny."

Midwest Acquisition and Management is a full service real estate development company servicing clients worldwide.  We are professional real estate investors, multi family operators and creative deal architects.  Midwests offers multiple paths to profitabiltiy. Join us passively or as an active partner.  Let us find, evaluate, acquire, renovate and stabalize properties for you, or buy turn key assets directly from us to add to your portfolio.  All paths leads to profitability and success with Midwest. 

For us its more than profit. At Midwest we believe every individual and family should have the ability to leave their children with a better, brighter future. We accomplish this for our clients through strategic real estate investment. The desire to leave our children in a better situation than we were given is the the single common thread that binds each of us. We believe that through real estate investment the creation of generational wealth can manifest and we also believe that through responsible real estate investment we can improve the lives of those we serve, impact the communities where we invest and inspire our residents to create a brighter future for their children.

Learn and Earn Program

The Learn and Earn program brings new investors together for the purpose of purchasing Multi-Family Assets. Midwest offers inexperienced investors the ability to partner with professional Multi-Family investors on large deals. Midwest brings Investors together through a Joint Venture to purchase properties that would be difficult to purchase alone. Midwest finds the property and structures the deal in a way that utilizes optimal tax benefits and maximizes cash flow and appreciation. Each participant works together to make decisions regarding the property by analyzing key performance indicators. Decisions to raise the rent, make repairs and evict are all decisions made by the partners.  As an investor that has never done Multi-Family deals, making the jump can be overwhelming.  Once completing the learn and earn program you will be positioned with the knowledge and experience to take on Multi family deals yourself and be eligible to participate in larger syndications as a passive limited partner in other Midwest projects.

Apartment Complex
“Participating in the Midwest Learn and Earn program gave me the knowledge I needed to take on my first 20 units, alone.”

Jeff Coulter, Hawthorne CA

Limited Partner Program

Participate as a Limited Partner and in Large Multi-family deals with Midwest and earn passive income. Experienced investors can participate passively in Multi family real estate investments. Receive depreciation, cash flow and appreciation without being involved in acquisition, construction or property management. Midwest will serve as the general partner in the deal, manage the day to day operations of the asset and provide monthly reports to passive investors. The Limited partner program is perfect for seasoned accredited investors looking for the benefits that real estate provides. In some instances limited partners may be able to receive higher depreciation than standard splits according to equity percentages and certain investments can be tailored according to the needs of the investor.  We achieve this through a high level understanding of operating agreement structure and benefit delineation.  Unlike the Learn and Earn Program, passive investors don't participant in the operations of the property. They simply participate as a silent partner and earn quarterly dividends according to property performance.

Modern Apartment Complex
“As a Limited Partner with Midwest I've been able to capitalize on strong returns year over year.”

Henry Der, Alberta Canada

BRRRR Key Program

Everyone has heard of the BRRRR method. It stands for buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. In this case the BRRRR Key Program encompasses buying properties in need of renovation, fixing them and then renting them out, but we handle it for you. No more searching for properties, contractors or property managers. Instead we find you a home, you partner with us, we complete the renovation through our trusted contractor network and stabilize the asset.  We then hand off the asset to one of our affiliated property managers and then serve as an asset manager, dealing with the property managers and providing oversight for our partners.   

Housing Development
“As a BRRRR Key partner I was able to enter into a property, force appreciation through renovation and cash out at 70% ARV.”

Tom Davis, Oceanside CA

Turn Key Program

The Turn Key program allows active investors to gain access to our completely renovated, rent ready properties before they hit the market. Buyers can trust that when they buy a turn key asset from us, the product will be ready to cashflow from day one. Each turn key asset is renovated to the "Midwest standard" where finishes and product quality remain constant throughout each project. Each property is guaranteed for one year on all major mechanicals. If it breaks, we will fix it, meaning no more deferred maintenance or unexpected costs. Trust what you buy and take the guessing out of investing. 

Suburb Houses
“Buying Turnkey from Midwest was simple and stress free. My property cashflowed from day one.”

Irene Amido, San Francisco CA

Private Lender Program

Become a lender and lend your private capital to seasoned real estate investors. There is no better position than that of the bank. Private lenders earn money regardless of success of the investor and their investment is secured by a mortgage and note, just like a bank. Limit your risk by lending funds to operators that have a proven track record of success. Not all projects go as planned, but the lender is always in 1st position and always gets their money back first.  In some instances lenders can participate in 2nd lien positions for higher returns. Its time to start making your money, make money. Find out how you can use your 401K or other retirement accounts to lend from and take your future back. 

Stacks of Coins
“Becoming a private lender gave me a return on investment that far surpassed my expectations. Midwest made the process simple."

Scot Zerkle, Springfield OH

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