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Midwest Funding Options

Alternative Investment Strategy

You can now fund your real estate purchase with your 401k or Simple IRA

Connect with our IRA holding company and use your 401k or simple IRA to fund real estate purchases. This strategy allows you to be in control of your financial future by investing in cash flowing assets with your retirement account.  Don't be shackled to the stock market for returns. Don't be chained to an investment advisor for the outcome of your financial future. Take control with a self directed IRA and invest in cash flowing assets either by lending to experienced investors or by becoming an active partner in real estate investments.

Construction Site

Use Leverage to purchase your Investment

Connect with funding partners for your purchase and renovation

Connect with our lending partner to get funding for your real estate deals. You don't need 20% down to purchase your first investment property. Let us find the property, develop a renovation plan, help you fund your investment and complete your project at 70% of the after repair value.  Once complete, refinance and pull all of your investment back out, tax free and cash flow for decades to come.  This is the pathway to long term wealth

Building Construction

Our Funding Partners 

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